You love long conversations but not the phone bills that accompany them? Uninor‘s newly launched ´Talk Unlimited‘ plans are just the right plans for you. Now you can talk for as long as you like keeping your phone bills at the minimum.

Uninor‘s ´Talk Unlimited‘ plans are yet another way of them delivering value to their customers. There are a total of 4 different plans in this category. They start at Rs. 37 and go up to Rs. 198. The plans are available to Uninor customers all over India.

All of the ´Talk Unlimited‘ plans offer unlimited talk time up to 2000 minutes to any local Uninor number. They are all valid for a period of 30 days. The rate for local calls to other numbers and STD calls differ depending on the plan rate that you choose.

The Rs. 37/- rate plan offers you local and STD calls at 49 p/min. The Rs. 38/- rate plan offers both local and STD calls at 1 p/min. Both the Rs. 197/- and the Rs. 198/- plans offer an unlimited talk time of up to 700 minutes on local numbers other than Uninor. This is in addition to the 2000 free minutes to any local Uninor number that is already included. The STD rates for the Rs. 197/- plan is 49 p/min, while the STD rate for the Rs. 198/- plan is 1 p/min. When the plan is no longer valid, the call rates change to 60 p/min.
With these very affordable combinations, you never need to worry about your mobile bills ever again.

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