Brian Logan of eCig Deals has recently found and published a Vapestick discount code providing 10% off all orders from Vapestick Electronic Cigarettes. The large neon branding of Vapestick is immediately recognizable as it forms what looks almost like a swoosh symbol. 10% off Vapestick products is not a common sight as they’re products are well known by their users as fairly reliable as well as flavourful. Furthermore, most companies release discount codes that can only apply to large orders but users are in luck as this applies to anything ordered from Vapestick.

Vapestick was founded less than five years ago and is currently based out of Middlesex. The company is what’s known as a budget-friendly electronic cigarette distributor providing users with reasonably priced products. The lower market value of Vapestick products plus a 10% off discount code make them an appealing option for those looking to give them a try. In addition to the Vapestick discount code, the page reveals a brief review of the Next-Gen XL Starter Kit that’s marketed at £42.99. The review draws up comparable starter kits from ROK and JacVapour.

Appearance of the Vapestick electronic cigarette is noted as very pleasant with the standard LED light tip at the battery end. Prominent branding of the electronic cigarette company shows up in white print against the black e-cig body. Six flavours are available from Vapestick but the starter kit restricts buyers to five. Like with most 2-piece electronic cigarettes, users must simply screw the cartomizer into the battery and take a drag for vapour production to occur. The rechargeable battery included is rated at 180mAh and takes just under 1.5 hours to full charge. Overall, the majority of users have found Vapestick’s product line to be fairly satisfactory. Combing the low base price of Vapestick Electronic Cigarettes with the 10% off VAPESTICK discount code should make for a big incentive to give them a try.

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