27, August 2015:


Of course 1 is 1. Airwheel introduced its X series electric unicycles which have a single wheel. Here 1 wheel = 1 vehicle. With the amazing performances, novel riding experiences and reasonable prices attracted consumers immediately. The top-quality vehicle units in Airwheel X electric unicycles enable riders to travel freely in cities. The Sony battery cores offer long range to riders and the batteries are stable so there is no danger in using them. The quiet and efficient motor is powerful enough to enable the vehicle to run as fast as 18 km/h. So many vehicle units are assembled with the reasonable structure so that the vehicle is small and light to be carried anywhere. The X electric unicycles are the most suitable vehicles for office workers and citizens who want convenient life.

Airwheel Photo3


Why 1 plus 1 is 1? Two wheels = Airwheel Q series twin-wheeled intelligent scooters. Similar to X series scooters, Airwheel Q series electric scooters are designed to be the most portable vehicles for citizens. But there are two wheels in each Q scooter, so Q scooters are more stable than X series products. Better stability and the same powerful performances make Q series the most favourable series for extreme players who create many new ways of playing Airwheel scooters.


Airwheel Qseries


Here comes the A series sitting-posture intelligent scooters. “2 and 3” doesn’t mean each A scooter has five wheels. The A3, the first model in A series, has only two wheels. But there are three modules which make A3 the revolutionary products in the industry—the electronic brake system, the hydraulic suspension system and the ergonomic seat. All the new modules developed for A3 are also developed to offer riders more convenient riding experiences. A series electric scooters is the endeavour of Airwheel in exploiting the specific field and future trends in the intelligent scooter industry.


In Airwheel where will the mathematics work? It’s the encouragement offered by consumers. The more consumers choose Airwheel, the better Airwheel will be in offering consumers good products and services!

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