Every  few months there are usually hype in the latest diets, which are  better than all other methods. Frequent dieting, however, can have a negative effect on your weight and can lead to depression if you fail to stop.
While diets make you feel hungry this can deprive  you of anything.

Phoenix, Arizonal, 12/27/2015

How can you lose weight without dieting?
Here are some guidelines to help you observe a healthy life in losing weight.

A stable weight loss starts by changing behavior.You can  learn behaviors that promote a healthy lifestyle, you will fall back less for fattening habits. Below are simple and painless adjustments that you can apply immediately.

Use a timer while eating
Put a timer for 20 minutes and try to eat as slowly as possible. Enjoy every bite and stretch the food until the timer goes off. By eating more slowly you eat smaller portions and your body has more time to release hormones that gives a feeling of fullness.

Watch your natural refreshment breaks
Everyone has a moment while eating as they put away their cutlery. Try to capture that moment and then do not eat by. It is a natural signal that you've had enough. You'll be surprised how much nicer it feels to not sit chock. It may be that you're hungry again sooner than normal, but often small portions of food is very beneficial if you want to lose weight.

Eat smaller plates
By  eating a smaller plate you will not realize that you eat less, but you actually ate less than a large plate. This can be few calories.

80-20 rule
In Western societies we eat until we are full. In Japan, people eat until they feel 80% saturated. They have a lighter feel and more energy after eating. Try 80% holding in the holes, or scoop 20% less than you normally would.

Take breakfast every day
Many people think that they are saving by skipping breakfast on a large part of their daily  calories intake. However, it appears that they eat more in the end, during the rest of the day than normal. By  taking good breakfast start the day with full energy and you will move more easily.

Move more throughout the day
Intense exercise is obviously very good to lose weight, but can be a major change to been packed directly. Concentrate on small moments of moving between. Take the stairs, walk back and forth when you're on the phone, play with your kids, and dance in between your favorite steps.

Eat every 2-3 hours
By eating smaller portions more frequently, you avoid a hunger and a desire for a bad snack. Also you will be less likely to have a dip that you otherwise get after a big meal. If you have more energy, you are more active and will  burn more calories.

Cook for at least five days a week
By cooking  for yourself, you have more control over what you eat and you know exactly what is included in your meal. You'll be less likely to take unhealthy ready meals and snacks. If you cook with lots of herbs and fresh ingredients, besides your body gets so much signs of loosing your appetite.

Please  take note of  liquid calories
Look critically at the sweetened beverages you drink, sneak otherwise many calories inside. Drink water instead of soda, water with lemon or small amounts of fresh fruit juice,and strawberries. Drink between meals,  take fruit smoothies as a snack. Be careful with alcohol. Try to limit alcohol during the  weekends.

Take vegetables, meat and carbohydrates
Make sure the vegetables constitute the largest portion of your meal, and give less provision for meat and carbohydrate-rich foods such as potatoes, pasta and rice. Begin your meal with salad or light flavorful soup. Make sure there is plenty of fruit and vegetables in your house and then try to take fruit or vegetables in every meal.  Eat different vegetables with your meal as you will unwittingly eat more vegetables.

Go for whole grains
By wholemeal bread,pasta and eating brown rice you're more likely to be  satisfied and eat smaller portions.

Do yoga
By doing yoga you reach a more confident attitude about your body, your life and thus your diet. You get a strong connection with your body, you  will b vibrant at the moment and feel more when you've eaten enough.

Reward yourself for every little progress
Sustaining new habits is much easier when there is  immediate rewards that  follows. If your reward is a goal far in the future, it is difficult to maintain new behaviors. So try every little step in the right direction you can to reward yourself. For example, you go to the barber, listen to good music or go to the cinema.

Although some changes in behavior will be more difficult than others, the above adjustments are much more pleasant than a strict and complicated diet. By combining all the new habits you will achieve a sustainable result and lose weight without dieting(http://healthandfitnesstip.org/) in ahealthy way.

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