24, October 2016: 1805 Gallery presents Haunt I, an installation by Jeremy Zierau that explores the nostalgia of DIY Halloween attractions from the late 20th century.

Utilising the current political climate and ideas of personal responsibility, Haunt I infects the very core of our nervous system, and forces us to deal with our greatest fears. Not for the faint of heart, Haunt I welcomes all visitors willing to be exposed to society’s most shocking subjects, only to truly terrorize those willing to take the plunge.

Haunt I trivializes the notion of offensiveness and portrays hot-button topics as nothing more than entertainment. Despite the SHOCKING nature of Haunt I, it aims to make light of situations that are usually taken out of context or associated with being vulnerable or negative. Haunt I relies on overtly shocking subject matter to get a rise out of all participants.

“I’ve never been this scared before in my life”
- Anonymous (out of fear of being made fun of by his peers)

In a society where the biggest offense is making someone feel uncomfortable, Haunt I should be put in prison. Haunt I gives the viewer ultimate domination over what makes them uncomfortable, they can either choose to fall prey to the vulnerability that Haunt I exploits, or they can walk out brushing off the heavy handedness of what lives inside its walls.

Will you fall prey to Haunt’s tactics? Only time will tell….

“Zierau’s Haunt I is a perfect example of Halloween culture. It speaks for generations of haunted attractions, perfectly combining art installation and kitschy scare tactics. Definitely worth the trip Downtown.”

- John Boo, Owner of a mediocre haunted house review site.

“Jeremy is at it again with an installation that perfectly combines Halloween and Art. With a haunted house in an art gallery. Could it get any simpler than that?”

- Mark Smith, Editor of reallybighorrorsite.com

Open Hours
Haunt I is open for 3 days only, as follows:
Saturday, October 29th: 4pm - 10pm
Sunday, October 30th: 4pm - 10pm
Monday, October 31st: 6pm - 10pm

Jeremy Zierau

Jeremy Zierau

1805 Gallery is thrilled to host Jeremy Zierau as the first resident artist of 2016. Zierau will be working in the gallery from Friday, September 2 through Friday, November 18, 2016. While in residence, Zierau will create art object pairings and produce a weekly podcast that documents conversations with local artists about irrelevant topics

b.1985, Lives and works in San Diego, CA

Jeremy Zierau explores human communication and the methods we use to process data. He creates semiobjective objects, renderings and videos that focus on the late 20th century ideology of artistic inclusiveness and the rise of the Arts & Craft stores. Zierau holds a BFA from The Cooper Union School of Art.

1805 Columbia Street
San Diego, CA 92101

Free admission
Street Parking

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