United States of America, August 29, 2014: Computers are necessity in this age, especially in the developed nations where electricity supply and Internet connectivity are permanently available. Ever since the innovation of personal computers (PC), the popularity of the device has surged among the masses. However, both desktops and laptops are vulnerable to common issues that affect nearly every PC, that too, more than once in its lifetime. 1pcaid.com is an online resource that provides solutions to most of the common PC issues in a simple and stepwise way. It has separate sections for Trojans, rogue software, ransom-ware, browser hijacker, adware and other malware, and each section addresses various cases that people may encounter on their PCs.

1pcaid.com is a clean PC troubleshooting portal that provides what it claims. The website does not have advertisements, forward links or annoying subscription forms that pop-up in the middle of the screen to seek permission. The tabs mention the categories and the issues are listed in the form detailed questions. Thus, browsing through the website and searching for the solution to a specific issue that a user faces on his/her PC is easy for him/her. Another convenience in using 1pcaid.com is the use of straight terms instead jargons, abbreviations or alternative terms. Thus, users are able to check every alphanumerical code at the website in order to find the exact issue.

1pcaid.com is equally helpful to novice and savvy computer users. The wide ranges of issues solved stepwise at the website allow users to skip the tedious obligation of calling customer service centre and following the instructions of an agent. Moreover, it is an advantage for those with PC out of warranty. The solutions at 1pcaid contain adequate numbers of screenshots for the convenience of users.

1pcaid.com is not just another online PC troubleshooting assistance because it neither shies away from complex issues nor ignores simple ones. One can develop an idea of the kind of issues that can be solved with the help of the website. Some of the concerns are removal of Jaamla.com homepage, IStartSurf.com homepage and Ner.makepre.net pop-up advertisements from Chrome, Firefox and Internet Explorer browsers. Jaamla.com is browser hijacker that can considerably slow down the Internet connection speed and PC performance. On the other hand, IStartSurf.com can even change host files, browser and network configurations, DNS and system registry. Identify theft is a major concern with computers affected by Ner.makepre.net pop-ups. In other words, 1pcaid.com can be useful in getting rid of some really malicious programmes that affect PCs.

About 1pcaid.com:

Website: http://1pcaid.com/

1pcaid.com is an online guide for PC troubleshooting. It provides solution to various issues caused by adware, ransom-ware, Trojans, browser hijackers, rogue software and other malware. It has stepwise instructions with screenshots wherever required. It also explains the gravity of the issue and the impact that the malicious programme can have on the PC.