Electronic cigarette review and deal website, eCig Vision has announced their 20% Apollo e cig coupon off all orders on Apollo E-Cig products. The code can only be used when purchasing directly from the Apollo E-Cig website and not from third party vendors. All interested readers must do is enter the code during checkout. The eCig Vision website also features a built-in copy and paste function upon click the Apollo E-Cig coupon code highlighted in orange.

In addition to the 20% off any Apollo E-Cig code, eCig Vision has also included a brief overview and review of the electronic cigarette company. Apollo E-Cig was founded in 2008 making it one of the older electronic cigarette companies around. As is the case with most electronic cigarette companies, buyers are encouraged to purchase a starter kit that suits their particular needs. In the case of Apollo E-Cig, their starter includes two batteries, personal charging case, USB charger, wall adapter, as well as five cartomizers. Two batteries are being offered in starter kits by more and more companies due to the advantage of always having a charged electronic cigarette to use.

Apollo E-Cig has adopted a two-piece electronic cigarette system consisting of the cartomizer and battery, which screw-in for complete assembly. Embedded in the cartomizer is the e-liquid and atomizer that is responsible for vaporizing the e-liquid. A 20% off Apollo electronic cigarettes coupon code a large electronic cigarette company is not something that should be taken lightly as it’s fairly rare to see. The company currently stocks over 17 flavors of cartomizers to pick from, ensuring that it will please the vast majority of electronic cigarette users. The Apollo E-Cig battery lasted the eCig Vision reviewer an approximate 200 to 250 puffs before needing a recharge.

eCig Vision is a website devoted to providing users with objective reviews on the growing number of electronic cigarette company’s products. For more information about Apollo e-cig coupon codes visit eCigVision.com.

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