An electronic cigarette manufacturer has recently published a NUCIG discount code granting 20% off any order purchased through their main webpage. The discount code can be found on electronic cigarette deal website, eCig Deals. NUCIG is one of the larger electronic cigarette companies based out of the UK and as such, rarely grants any type of discount on their product line. Therefore this 20% off Nucig coupon should not be taken lightly as it’s sure to be available for a limited time. In addition to the discount, eCig Deals also features a brief review of Nucig on the same page highlighting commonly cited pros and cons of the electronic cigarette company’s products.

20% off in any market is a heavy discount, especially in the electronic cigarette niche. eCig Deals review mentions how the overuse of neon colours and overabundance of information on NUCIG’s webpage make it somewhat of a challenge to find what you’re looking for. According to the review, the nucig Advanced Pro 4 starter kit is their best seller and is specifically explored. For a pre-discount price of less than £70, the NUCIG Advanced Pro Kit comes with 5x cartomisers, 2x lithium batteries, 1x USB power adapter, 1x portable charging case and 1x mains adapter.

The reviewer mentions that buyers are given the option to customize their electronic cigarette in three colours: black, pink and natural. Included in the kit is a black charging case, which was described as overly shiny and glossy. Under the flavour and vaping header, the review goes into how the AP4 e-cigarette operates well in terms of vapour products but is somewhat lacking the department of accurate flavour.

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