The Official UAE Website For The Movie 2012 Offers Free Wallpapers, Aim Icons, Twitter Backgrounds, A Chance To Vote For The Best Films And Much More.

U.A.E. November 11, 2009. 2012 will be releasing on the 12th of November 2009 in UAE. This film is all about the supposed upcoming disaster to hit planet earth in the year 2012. Because of the 2012 website ( specially created for the Middle East, 2012 fans have a lot to look forward to even before the movie releases.

The rumors about winning free tickets to this movie are correct. The above mentioned site is the one offering tickets to 2012 to the residents of UAE on account of a simple registration process. But winning the free tickets won‘t be your only element of fun at this site. You will find 2012 wallpapers, Twitter backgrounds and AIM icons out there too. UAE Movie buffs can also cast a vote on their favourite movies for their literature, music, art, etc. and see if they stand a chance to survive past 2012.

In the movie, Cusack and Amanda Peet rush to avoid a row of cataclysmic events. It focuses on how only a few people are able to withstand the terrible calamities and make it out alive. This 158 minutes story directed by Roland Emmerich is said to be the last disaster film he‘ll ever create after his other calamity master pieces like Independence Day and The Day After Tomorrow. But unlike his past successes, $200 million was spent in the making of 2012. This interesting movie is based on an idea that coincides with the end of the Mayan Calendar, thus making it a very believable one at that. is a website created for the movie 2012. This website caters especially to the people of UAE. The aim of this site is to convey the release date of this movie, win free movie tickets and also provide people the chance to nominate as well as vote for the works of film, art, music and literature that should be preserved.

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