2013 -The year of trust in Public relations

PR 24x7 Network Limited won the trust of valuable customers by providing satisfactory services

The year 2013 will probably be remembered for many unexpected incidents. The year saw rapid fall in indicators measuring economy of any country. The valuable metals lost shines, rupee was proved poorer, crude oils surprised users as well as investors, but the only sector which was not affected by the storms of recession was public relation business.

 Despite all adversity, public relation business still holds good values. PR is now need of almost all enthusiasts of diversified choices. Public relation business in India is somewhat special. The people of country while purchasing anything, still believe in “Thok bajaa kar hee kharidana” tale. Hence whenever they need services of a good PR company, they study performance of all PR companies, and after long time  they select a company for promoting their products. 

PR 24x7 Network Limited  the leading PR company of India because of its glorious past and highly acclaimed services enjoy reputation amongst clients from diversified sectors including Entertainment, Automotive, Health, Insurance, Finance, Banks and many more.     

 Over a year’s time a Public Relations retainer can surely come back to any business owner that has truly acquired the right firm. In short public Relations should be considered an investment in a business and not at all an expense. Instead of throwing random dollars out to actual advertising, why are more businesses not jumping on the bandwagon to open the eyes and ears of their prospects with solid PR?

With the abundance of advertising and marketing channels out there for businesses nowadays, it leaves each CEO or small business owner to wonder which one will get them the biggest bang for their buck; which one will establish their product, their brand or even their persona as an author or expert within the field of choice?

The rise of the current recession is a major influence in the decisions that c-level executives are making these days. Can you cut costs and forge ahead to still see a brighter day is the question at hand.

Then there is one magical channel called public relations.  Business owners often forget about this avenue, or simply do not know that it exists. Many people often bundle it into the marketing category or simply believe it is writing a press release and placing it into a hot air balloon to watch their money go bye bye. When you team up with the right PR firm that is not the case.

The right PR firm can land you national news articles, gain the attention of top bloggers, get you a few radio interviews, push out sales to magazines for your products and so much more.

PR 24x7 Network limited because of having strong network in 11 states including 33 premium destinations and 75+ expertises is capable to fulfill requirements of clients. It is an ISO 9001:2008 and SA 8000:2008 certified company.


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