This year's 2014 FIFA World Cup will take place in Brazil from June 12 to July 13, 2014.  The international soccer tournament involves the world's most prestigious teams and includes qualifying rounds prior to the actual competition.  The entire tournament will be covered by Mondiali in Brasile 2014 or the World News Brazil, a reporting agency that is dedicated to bringing viewers every moment of the action.

The Notizie Mondiali 2014 will feature games such as the playoffs between the 32 teams that are participating.  Many countries will feature their own teams, or will show as much as the entire quarterfinal series, but the Brazilian news will carry it all.

Teams to watch are said to be Spain, Brazil, Argentina, England, France and even Belgium, which has become a surprise "come-from-behind" winner this year.  The action actually started on May 31, 2014, with a matchup featuring Ireland in London, and went through June 2 and the selection of the final 23 teams that will travel to Brazil.  Italian teams will play England on June 14, Coast Rica on June 20 and Uruguay on June 24.

However, some national champions will not be on the field.  Zlatan Ibrahimovic, for example, and Gareth Bale of Wales, have been excluded from play because their teams failed to qualify.  However, even with these players missing out on the action, this year's World Cup promises to be filled with excitement.

About Notizie Mondiali:

The Brazilian news agency Notizie Mondiali or World News is covering all of the games leading up the finals in World Cup soccer as a way of keeping everyone abreast of the latest developments in this incredible series.