United Kingdom: One of the UK’s largest and most successful lingerie stores has today release information revealing their new 2014 range is flying off the shelves at an alarming rate. Never before has the online adult clothing seller experienced sales of this magnitude, which suggests they could also soon become one of the leading industry names on the international scene. Thier success is equalled by their desire to provide customers and clients with only the highest quality and most desirable products on the market today. This goes part of the way to explaining why the sudden increase in sales has occurred. 

With a dedicated sales support team ready to answer any questions or queries their customers may have, it’s no surprise Le Beau Lingerie make the grade. Also, the company provide speedy 24-48 hour delivery on most products, and this has no doubt gone down exceptionally well with new and returning clients alike. Regardless of their needs, this adult clothing supplier strives to satisfy all who visit their website with low prices and an immensely large selection covering everything from… 

* Lingerie
* Body Stockings
* Hosiery
* Adult Costumes
* Sexy Dresses
* Clubwear
* even Swimwear

So, as you can see, those who chose to use Le Beau for all their nightwear needs are allowed a considerable amount of choice, and as the stock selection is changing and increasing constantly, things look set to become even more flexible for the consumer. Reading through their feedback and testimonials, it becomes obvious everyone who’s used the site has left with a smile on their face. Indeed, one previous visitor even mentioned the fact that he regularly gets calls from the sales team before his purchases are dispatched to double check he ordered the right sizes etc. Where else do you get service like that? 

While Le Beau currently focus on the UK market, there have been many international customers in the past, and so this looks to be where they’re headed in the future. With the recent success of the 2014 range, an expansion might not be totally off the cards towards the end of this year, so make sure you watch this space to keep up with all the exciting moves this company makes over the next few months. 

Anyone wishing to get in touch with Le Beau can do so by visiting their website and using the forms provided, or by utilising the contact information included below this section. Le Beau are always looking to improve all parts of their service, so don’t hesitate to drop them a line if you are unsure about anything, or you have a business suggestion. 

For Media Contact:
[email protected]
Le Beau – Suite 13
Evans Business Centre
Blackpool Business Park
Amy Johnston Way
Tel: 07810 873677