28 August, 2014: Statistics show more tourists than ever before are visiting Germany. Four years of growth in tourism, according to the German Tourist Board, has seen more than 70 million overnight stays and an increase of visitors by 4 percent from 2012 to 2014. 

The majority of tourists have come from Britain. And, with a year marking anniversaries for the Great War and the fall of the Berlin Wall, the Board is expecting another increase in visitors in 2014. This makes it an ideal time for school tours to Germany, say many experts, not least of all for British students, who have an added reason to delve into Germany culture, both past and present. 

Hanoverian Kings and the Royal Heritage route of 2014 

The year also sees the Georgian ascension to the thrones of Great Britain and Ireland, and, with it, the beginning of a heritage dating from 1714 to the ascension of Queen Victoria in 1837. Top school travel companies say there is no better time for British students to visit and explore the roots of German political development in Europe on school tours. The unique heritage route begins at the seat of the Hanoverian Kings in Germany, in Lower Saxony, and progresses through the country. It covers a plethora of wonderful sites and insightful events that celebrate this royal connection between two cultures. 

Historians note Germany has traditionally made muted celebrations of its past role in Europe. Its contribution to both World Wars has, of course, been the major cause of this, they say. But this royal connection is something worth boasting about, and the sense of progression and achievement marking the 25th anniversary since the fall of the Berlin Wall adds to this festive sense of reflection. The country is opening its doors to more tourists than ever before in 2014, and with it, the doors to its past. School travel company representatives say students should not miss out on exploring this past and the more recent reflections on the Great War and the fall of the Berlin Wall on school tours. 

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