There has been a lot of speculation over the challenge posed by the Monique’s fitness. As per the challenge, the question is raised as to whether 21 days alone is enough to find the real solution to getting a body that is beach ready at any time.

A huge number of reviews from real customers speak the truth behind what really goes on during this challenge. One of the pressing problems for the overweight individual in this present day world is that when choosing a diet or an exercise plan to lose weight, they are spoilt for choice. There is just so many at the market today that one does not know what to choose.

As for the 21 day fix program, it gives individuals a chance to attain the physique that they have always dreamt of. The program has been offered by Autumn Calabrese and it promises fantastic weight loss results. At the initial stage, many onlookers have considered it as an exaggeration. However, real customer reviews have said otherwise.

The program is divided into 2 separate DVDs. Each of the CDs come with three sets of workouts each. It has been carefully designed by the professionals in order to be able to burn serious calories for only 30 minutes per each day. Each of the work outs are different, with each one specifically designed to focus on different parts of the body.

If any of the individuals are worried about the level of skill that is required of this exercise technique, the modifier system will take care of this. This modifier section allows each of the individuals to actually workout the intensity of each set of workout so that they are really able to do it in their own comfort. with different sections, the individuals are also kept at their toes, while burning serious calories. For more information please visit

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