Anaheim, CA - July 27, 2015 - Teeth are an important part of our day-to-day living. We use it for different kinds of activities. Most of the time, in eating. Teeth, when healthy are of the sources of our confidence as an individual. That is why we need to religiously protect our teeth for cavities by regulating our carb intake and regularly brushing and flossing. In between teeth. We don’t know when will it attack you. That is why, listed below are the three important facts about tooth cavity.

1. Principal cause of Teeth Cavity is Sugar
It can actually be an important fact or it. But the real truth is, it’s the really the acid caused by bacteria in the mouth that result to teeth ccavities. Bacteria are the responsible in digesting carbohydrates, -- and when we say carbohydrates, sugar is one of these, same goes with rice, bread, vegetables and some fruits.

The bacteria become alert and active and thus produce acid that then attacks into the tooth when we munch anything that has carbs in it. They can then lurk in the cavity where the floss and toothbrush cannot reach. The bacteria continue to metabolize carbs, produce acids, and the cavity keeps getting bigger.

It's not the measure of carbs you eat that causes tooth cavity, yet the period of time the teeth are exposed. On the off chance that we eat a considerable measure of carbs for lunch, that is an enormous exposure. However, in the event that we spend the day tasting sugary beverages, that is constant exposure - and significantly more unsafe for the teeth.

2. Cavities are more likely between teeth
We all know that bacteria can hide anywhere (and where we can't reach with a floss or tooth brush) is a likely perfect tooth cavity place -- the deep grooves on the back of the front teeth, for example. And it can transpire between teeth because mere tooth brushing won’t get in there and there are just many people who don’t floss.

3. If you have a cavity, you'll know it
An important fact: mild tooth decay does not cause symptoms. The pain we associate with cavities comes when tooth decay is more advanced and causes damage to the nerve.

Permitting tooth decay to advance can result too much expensive and more complicated dental procedures, like crowns and root canal treatment. That’s why regular dental check-ups are so important.

And, once a cavity starts, it does not repair itself. It will always grow once we get to a point where we can’t clean it out any longer. Once decay penetrates the dentin of the tooth -- below the enamel -- the cavity will continue to grow.

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