Dog, a man’s best companion has needs which have to be taken care of no matter where the journey takes. It is important to have useful, handy accessories such as the newly launched 3 pack dog water bowl as part of the travel kit for easy and effective use. Regardless of the place or time of use, these water bowls can be used for a wide variety of purposes.

These nontoxic bowls keep their shape when they are opened for containing the dog feed. There is no spillage as a result; the area where the dog food is kept remains clean and hygienic. The 3 pack comes in exciting new colors of green, blue and red. Each of these bowls can be used indoors as well as outdoors. They can also be used for while on the road, travelling to distant places and on vacations.

The 3 pack dog water bowl eliminates the need to lug heavy, metal water bowl especially, during travel. These bowls are made from a special material and are therefore, lightweight, easy to carry and easy to care for. They are perfect for dog owners who travel, hike or spend time outdoors. As these bowls can also be used as dog dispensers for giving the dog food, they are extremely versatile. With the new configuration, owners can use the 3 dog water bowls, each to have in their home, car and so on. For dog owners on the go, the bowls make a perfect choice.

About the Dog Daze Dog Water Bowl:

The Dog Daze Dog Water Bowl is now available in brand new colors in a 3 pack. For under $ 13 dog owners can purchase quality, nontoxic, portable dog bowls that will help owners attend to their dog’s food and water needs better when they are away from home.

The dog bowls are just the perfect size and can be used for any dog big or small. As they are collapsible, they can easily carried as part of the regular luggage. They are small and weigh nothing. It is the best choice to have when travelling is on the cards. The 3 pack dog water bowl is versatile and easy to use. To know more about these bowls and to shop for them, log onto
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