When brides plan their wedding, they get inundated with spreadsheets, brochures, price sheets, and fabric samples, among other items. With all of these piles of information, a bride understandably becomes overwhelmed and frustrated. How can she manage all of these different elements of a wedding while also maintaining a job and social life? Fortunately, companies like iWed have made a wedding checklist app and a wedding countdown app to help relieve this stress.


There are several reasons to get a planner app. One of the best features of an app is its budget tracker. Because brides work with such a variety of vendors and companies to plan their reception, numbers can easily get mixed up, especially if you’re using multiple forms of payment. Though credit cards can easily be checked online, personal checks or cash deposits can more easily be mixed up, and you won’t be able to tell how close you’re staying to your actual budget. However, by inputting your data all into one place in your wedding app, you will always know how much you’ve spent in each category and keep more accurate track of your spendings!


Second, you’ll be able to keep track of deadlines with your wedding countdown app. A bride has multiple meetings with her photographer, florist, and caterer throughout the planning process, so having a synced calendar with all of these events makes scheduling appointments much more smooth. In addition, the app gives the bride a “big picture” countdown in the months before her wedding so she can create targets for herself for when she wants to have completed specific steps in the planning process.


Third, a wedding checklist app is a perfect way to keep track of your RSVP’s. As guests respond to your invitation, you can enter in their answers into your app and quickly scroll through your guests to see who you still need to hear back from. This feature isn’t limited to the reception either - you can use the RSVP category for your bridal shower, bachelorette party, or other wedding events you plan to have during your engagement season.


By saving time and energy with such an organized app, brides will actually enjoy seeing the dwindling numbers on their wedding app. The biggest stress of the planning process - organization - will be taken care of, so the couple can enjoy their time of engagement with excitement instead of strife!


Creating a wedding to-do list can feel impossible, but companies like iWed have created a wedding checklist app to help! Use iWed today so that you can actually enjoy your wedding countdown app!