Beverly Hills, CA: As a long-standing business with and excellent track record for great service, Beverly Hills Notaries stands out from other notaries in the area. Some of the reasons why Beverly Hills Notaries is the best place to process all your important personal and business documents are: 

1. Beverly Hills Notaries is an Established Business with Knowledgeable Staff 

Most local Los Angeles notaries are mobile, work out of small mail facilities or copy and print stores, they may not be familiar with all types of documents that may require notarization or may not be familiar with real estate documents or be aware of important changes in the law, which will result in incorrect notarization and delay the recording and financing of a property. Beverly Hills Notaries is different, they always keep up with the changes in Law and get continued training. 

“I strive to be the best Notary service in the Beverly Hills area,” said owner Barry Costanian, “I am different because Notary and document Legalization is all I do; It’s not my part time job. Customers have the option to come to my office or have a Mobile Notary come to them.” 

2. Beverly Hills Notaries is a Convenient One-Stop Shop Offering Fast Professional Service 

Beverly Hills Notaries is a one-stop and full service Notary Public. Besides simply notarization, Mr. Costanian and his professional staff can Notarize, Apostille & Authenticate documents through Secretary of State and US State Department so documents can be used internationally, and can legalize documents by foreign Embassies in California and Washington D.C. 

Furthermore, Beverly Hills Notaries provides certified translations and retrieval of court documents, related to divorce judgment, name change, adoption etc… and takepassport photos to be used with your application and forms that most embassies and application require. 

“Few notaries in the area can Provide FedEx service, passport photos and MoneyGram. We pride ourselves by providing our customers with all related service in one place,” said Mr. Costanian. 

3. Beverly Hills Notaries is a Company You Can Trust 

Beverly Hills Notaries has been in business for over ten years, providing their customers with reliable, professional and prompt Notary Public, loan signing service, Apostille, Embassy Legalization, translation and fingerprinting service in Beverly Hills and all of Los Angeles county. Mr. Costanian and his group get referrals from banks, mailbox stores, title companies, escrow companies, lawyers, individuals and businesses. Some of their customer include major production companies, Law firms, banks and escrow companies. No job is too small or too big for Beverly Hill Notaries. They are a trusted service. 

“Your satisfaction is guaranteed. Our Notaries are available 24/7 to serve you,” said Mr. Costanian. Our success is based on our proven track record of availability, promptness, professionalism, convenience and dedication as we provide our customers with exceptional service. 

Call Beverly Hill Notaries if you want your notarization done right the first time. They will make sure you have a smooth and flawless notarization experience. 

More information is available on their website. Visit or email them at [email protected] 

About Beverly Hills Notaries: 

Beverly Hills Notaries specialize in all kinds of Notarization including Affidavits, Acknowledgments, Power of Attorney, Trust Documents, Escrow Documents, Grant Deeds, Quit Claim Deeds and complete loan documents. We also provide Apostille, Embassy Legalization and Translation service for documents used internationally. Completed documents can be delivered overnight via FED-EX, UPS or Courier Service. 

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