3DesignCenter believes that the upcoming third iteration of the international 3D printing event, scheduled to take place in October in Eindhoven, the Netherlands, will significantly boost global awareness about the latest and most state-of-the-art 3D printing processes and technologies, and will also positively affect the businesses of organisations that rely on 3D printing. With such a major, wide-ranging event, the bright future of the industry is assured. 

3DesignCenter believes that the continuing international effort in bringing the field to the fore of awareness of consumers and professionals will have a far-reaching positive impact on the industry in general. The international 3D printing event will consist of 14 sessions, each of which is carefully planned to tackle in detail how 3D printing can be used in a specific profession. 3D printing is a fast-growing, highly specialised field that can be integrated into various usages—either as part of existing processes or as new stand-alone procedures. For example, 3D printing can be used in the accurate modelling of human tissue for purposes of research and education. 3D output can also speed up manufacturing and design processes—from fashion, to architecture, to retail. Regardless of the specific session chosen, however, participants will learn about the various materials used in the field, as well as design tools, operational tips and important caveats. 

As a leading 3D design service provider, 3DesignCenter is one of the best companies that offer high-quality, creative art works and images converted into 3D for use by clients. Their 3D designs are perfect for use in such applications as the production of 3D trophies, imagery for 3D engraving or other gift ideas utilising 3D images. The company has a growing international clientele that includes major brands and corporations that accept only the highest quality output, such as BMW, Mitsubishi and the ‘Harry Potter’ franchise. 

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3DesignCenter is among the leading innovators in the field of digital art and design, drawing upon a pool of highly talented and creative individuals with genuine passion in what they do. For more information about 3Design Center’s services and portfolio, visit its website at http://www.3designcenter.com

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