3ds-emulator.org officially announced that they had developed a new 3ds emulator. According to the website, this gaming tool would allow every gamer, even those without 3D gaming stations, to play 3D games on their Windows PCs and MACs. Reportedly, this announcement was well received by gaming devotees as they could now play 3DS ROMS on their computers. It also requires the lightest hardware requirements.

 A representative for 3ds-emulator.org stated that the software was available for download at the website and further warned that most of the similar 3ds emulators available for download in other websites had major bugs in them. These bugs would prevent gamers from truly enjoying their games. On the other hand, the 3DS emulator offered by 3ds-emulator.org is reportedly, completely free from major as well as minor bugs. 3D games can be played in HD quality with 1080p and more.

According to the website, the developers of this particular 3DS emulator initially had a tough time trying to code and develop this software. However, after many failed attempts, they finally created the “magic” arithmetic and today video game fans all over the world are playing reaping the benefits. One of the developers of the software says, “We have made several emulators for Nintendo before but only this one allows gamers to play 3DS ROMS on their computers. Our software is actively developed, updated with new features and bugs fixed every week.”

The 3DS emulator by 3ds-emulator.org has been praised by video game fans as well as critics who were not so excited about its achievements. A common criticism that seems to be making rounds is that it is not the first 3DS emulator. Many critics questioned as to why there was so much fuss about a gaming tool that had already been developed years ago. However, this particular 3DS emulator has proven to be unique from the others in its ability to allow gamers to enjoy 3DS ROMs on computers. Because of the 3DS emulator by 3ds-emulator.org, gamers will no longer have to tolerate bad console conversions or wait for delayed release dates of their favorite games. For more information please go to http://3ds-emulator.org

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