27 August, 2014: It is already well known that vitamins play an irreplaceable role for women’s beauty. Though they can be taken from www.superzixiutang.com, vitamins contained in all types of fruits are the best nutrition for females to accelerate fat metabolism and to keep young. Now, more and more girls will consciously take vitamin supplements, as they have realized the beauty and slimming function of vitamins. 

If you just want to lose weight, you may wish to keep slim by taking famous diet pills like zi xiu tang bee pollen; but if you want to be healthy and beautiful, you may even more wish to know different types of vitamins by carefully reading the following introduction. 

The physiological functions of vitamin A: 

1. Maintain normal visual reaction.
2. Maintain normal shape and function of epithelial tissue.
3. Maintain normal bone development.
4. Maintain the function of skin cells and make the skin soft and delicate.
5. Vitamin deficiency will lead to hypofunction of the epithelial cells and result in dry, rough, dull and less elastic skin.

The food source of vitamin A: 

Besides all dairy products, animal liver, kidney, eggs, and cod liver oil, vitamin A can also be taken in from fresh and darker green vegetables like celery, Zucchini, carrots and so on. Among them, carrots are the best, as not only can they make rough skin normal, but also they can cure night blindness and lower blood pressure. By the way, if you wish to have slim figure a little bit earlier while still wish to keep healthy, I suggest you take some diet pills, for example bee pollen diet pills, as an acid to lose weight.