09, July 2015: In a press conference of the company held yesterday at Los Angeles, California, the company spokesperson of Beast Factor Extend, Mr. Donald Parks, revealed the 5 major benefits of their dietary supplement for the aspiring bodybuilders, amateur and professional athletes, and to people who want to improve their muscle build-up and sex life.

"This revelation today is akin to what the Beast Factor Extend review posts claimed online. By revealing these benefits, of course, people would be aware how useful and beneficial our product is," said Mr. Parks.

First, Beast Factor Extend is able to supercharge lean muscle growth. It has components that are coming from the natural botanical extracts, which are capable of doing it step by step. "Achieving lean muscle growth could be so easy with our product," added the spokesperson.

Second, this formula is able to burn belly or chest fats. Those unwanted fats are due to the free radicals, oils and toxins taken from food people eat every single day. They are to be busted with the antioxidants and nutrients this product has.

Third, this dietary supplement boosts sex drive and bed performance. The spike of testosterone level is one of the essential offshoots of using this formula daily. With proper testosterone enhancement, libido is supercharged to a maximum and substantial level.

Fourth, it boosts body endurance, stamina and energy. With the blend of herbal extracts found in this formula, the overall physicality, more particularly the energy level, will be improved.

Lastly, it cuts the physical recovery process into half. Fatigue and stress from the intense reps and a series of sets in the gym would be relieved forthwith with the impact of this supplement. "Anybody must consume only one capsule an hour before hitting the treadmill," concluded the spokesperson.

Beast Factor Extend review can be purchased not at any local store, but through its official website only. It is priced affordably for the potential consumers worldwide.

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