China; 21, August 2015: Fashion is believed to be one of the most dynamic industries which keeps on changing. However, it is an industry which not only tests latest creativity but also experiments with fusion of dresses from the past and the present. Be it new or old, elegant dresses when worn in the right manner and complimented by the perfect accessories would look good on each and every individual. Moreover, there has always been a space and craze to wear clothes designed from the 50s era. The period from the 50s to 60s was a transformation which saw a vivid variety of dresses and experiments which includes products having rage today as well. In order to offer a store that compiles the best of the 50s style wedding dresses, has come up with an exclusive portal.

This website is a store that has been initiated by two classmates named Linda and Amada. They are the students of clothing design and this grew up to be a serious business from just a casual idea. Being fans of the vintage wedding dresses from the 1950s era, they searched and came up with their own exclusive collection from that period. Their collection is vintage in style and is inspired from the charming elements of the dressmaking process. The website has been kept very simple and easy to access and customers can browse through the collection by browsing through the shop on the website. The designs and colours are all the brainchild of both the founders while they source some materials and accessories from the fabric market. The shop has been well segmented and categorized under different heads namely 50s wedding dress, petticoats, veils & accessories, and vintage bridesmaid dresses. It’s been over 5 years since both the founders have been making these 50s styled tea length wedding dress.

To browse through the collection and buy them online, customers can click on the relevant section. Each section would list down a range of options to choose from. Once they select any of the dresses they prefer, the product page offers a high quality image of the product along with the detailed descriptions. This facilitates the customers to understand the dresses much closely. Besides, the store offers all the information to help the customers select the perfect dress. It includes the measurement guide, latest trends and an option to get a custom dress design dresses from the experts themselves.


50s wedding dresses is an online shop that offers a wide range of wedding dresses from the 50s era. The collection has been inspired from the period and designed by the two founders named Linda and Amada who are a fashion student. To know more about the products and the offers, customers can visit their website.

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