12, January 2015: China, Pipes and hookas are classic style of smoking practised by many in modern days. Although cigarettes have made a place for them, the classical ways of smoking haven’t vanished. Many metro cites have hookah parlours and shops involved in traditional smoking business. 52glassware.com is a professional online seller of high quality glass smoking products. It caters to the need of individual purchasers and wholesalers. All of its products undergo quality control procedures before a sale.

Among its product range, the oil rig glass bubblers are available in a wide range of styles. Apart from the old stock, there is also updated stock for sale. There are designs in tornado, wax, and other shapes as per the suitability of the user. Oil rig recyclers, glass concentrate pipes, and percolator glass water oil rigs are also available. All of these products are designed to offer a value for money and comfortable smoking experience to the owners. Lightweight and user friendly smoking products of the brand are preferred by many local and international customers.

The glass hookahs for shisha smoke come in various designs and height. It can be used by two people simultaneously for smoking. There is a glass set design where each product has a single bowl, base, air value accessory, hose and glass straw. The carton size measures up to 570 x 350 x 475 mm and each set measures 1.35 kilograms. It is manufactured of a high quality of pyrex glass. The equipments and accessories like glass oil domes, joints, adapters, nails, diffusion discs, glass adapters, and glass bongs are also available.

52glassware.com stocks a wide range of shisha water pipes used by the smokers. These come in a number of colours, sizes and budgets. Apart from smoking, these can be also used as decoration item for home. Being a user friendly, it requires minimal maintenance and can be cleaned quite easily. The smoker community is welcome to update their smoking products by selecting from the varied product categories. All of these products are available at budget price. Payment methods like PayPal, Western Union, and other credit cards are accepted for the convenience of the purchasers.

52glassware.com is continuously involved in updating its product stock. There are many other varieties such as Gr2 Titanium nails, joints and down stems, mini bongs, and others. All the buyers with an account in the website are free to access as per their convenience. The free subscriptions of newsletter inform the customers on money saving deals and discounts.

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52glassware.com has a massive stock of glass smoking products for sale across different categories. It strives to deliver quality products at competitive prices with a safe package. It has build long term relationship with buyers and aims to be trustworthy. Visit the website for information on the products offered.

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