Buckinghamshire, United Kingdom (April 23, 2010) - 5G Telecommunications, a leading provider of business broadband, mobile and on hold marketing solutions in the UK today, announce the release of a powerful broadband solution available for business clients.

5G Telecommunications are experts in the field of offering effective business broadband solutions to their customers, and are pleased to announce the release of a new, super-fast service that is both reliable and affordable. Utilising powerful fibre optic technology called Fibre To The Cabinet (FTTC), similar to that of Virgin Media, 5G Telecommunications claim that business customers who sign up to use their services will be capable of reaching download speeds of potentially up to 100mbs, with guaranteed download speeds of 15mb.

Recent tests in East London have shown the potential in FTTC technology and the advantages such speeds can hold for the end user. FTTC can be incorporated into existing technologies such as ADSL2+, yet is also seen as strikingly different to the service offered by full fibre to the home deployment.

"We're certain that our business customers will be impressed by the business broadband solutions we can offer them, and are one of the most affordable broadband providers nationwide for those operating as an SME," comments a spokesperson for 5G Telecommunications. "The potential download speeds businesses can experience are second to none, as is service reliability, and of course this is something which can't be compromised in the business world. We can also offer business mobile and other communication solutions here at 5G Telecommunications and interested parties can see a breakdown of all our deals on our website."

To discover more about 5G Telecommunications and the business telephone systems they can offer to companies, visit their website at: http://www.5gtelecoms.co.uk/ or telephone 0800 652 3111 during normal office hours.