-It is story of youngsters not only of India but also of Pakistan.

December,2015|  Dynamic Director and author  Ravi Sikander Anand want to aware the peoples from the issue involving youngsters which would hasn’t seen yet. For this they are working on their first bollywood film RAB NAA, he announced about this in a press conference today.

On this occasion he said, this is his directorial debut film, which will  be produced under the banner of his own production company 7AJ World Entertainment. It is story of youngsters not only of India but also of Pakistan. Although, he has not announced the star cast of the film yet. But he is confident that the audience will be thrilled to watch the film with a fresh and innovative story.

RAAB NAA is the murder mystery of topper boy rahul of well-known college in Delhi, College of Science and Engineering. The college known worldwide for  engineering , boy of this college rahul commit suicide, but the college management consider it murder not suicide. The opponent of rahul named rab naa is accused of his murder. College management give statement in media and police that, ragul was good in studies, why would he commit suicide. You will see it is murder or suicide in the movie.

….Old Ravi Sikander Anand born in Patna, is the producer, director and writer of this film. Ravi choose the film making because he beliveves that in the 21st century it is most powerful medium and it will help to bring issues before the world,which are still unexplored.