Cochin, Tuesday,2016: One of the latest creations of 7NODES — HashMyBag —  A customer Chat Application, was launched recently on Google Play Store. According to market, report there is no other similar mobile application in the Indian App market that is a direct competitor.

The Application is designed to bring store owners and customers closer by serving as a common platform that lets them interact with each other with ease. The Application could replace frequent cold calls that could sometimes irritate customers and cause them to be least interested in a stores offering. HashMyBag does this by allowing store owners to announce deals and offers, discounts or any other updates through the application to a large number customers who have subscribed to them. The customers will receive them as notifications through the application and can choose to respond to the store at a time of their choice via chats. This makes response easy and quick, without any hassle which also encourages them to do so. While cold calls have no guarantee that there will be a positive response or any response at all; This application makes it easier for customers by not breaking in, instead of notifying them and thereby guarantees higher views and eventually responses. Thus, making the job for store owners much simpler.

7NODES has power packed the mobile application with features, that allows for customer feedback and communicating a product related issue , thereby enhancing giving the store owners a chance to watch out for customer likes and dislikes.

The company has designed a slightly different yet quite useful interface for store owners. The application provides store owners with a smart dashboard that help them organize their interaction history. With smart information cluster design, the app gives way for easy accessibility. The application also provides them with a detailed analytics report and sales tracker to help review their store performance.

“Developing a single robust product that can undertake multiple functions that in turn eliminates the need to use multiple solutions is what 7NODES always shoots for. Having one solution deliver what 2 or 3 can; will help cut down cost and time; removing otherwise lengthy processes. This makes the job a lot simpler and quicker. This what we had in mind when we designed HashMyBag” Says Nebu K Abraham, CEO, 7NODES Technology Solutions.

Seamless interaction using through chats, Quick response format, fast processing of digital payments, fully encrypted private messaging, smart notifications based on GPRS locations, easy to respond chat system etc., are just a few of the features that 7NODES has built into the application.

7NODES has been known to bringing out over the products and services with an innovative edge that has a real need in the market. The company’s commitment to developing custom solutions using the best of technology has been well praised by its clients. The company that is headquartered in Cochin, has a client base from across the globe with efferent industrial backgrounds. HashMyBag is a demonstration of the 7NODES’s passion to create and innovate.
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