8 of the best shade tree varieties that grow in much of the United States are fast, easy to grow trees that can be providing shade in just a few years helping to reduce energy costs and adding cool, protected space for sitting and enjoying the yard area.

Naming the top 8 best shade trees can be a trying task, but looking at fast growth rate, longevity and beauty, the best shade trees shine above all the rest.  The enjoyments that shade trees provide are priceless. Besides being energy efficient, they create the picture of sitting in the shade on warm summer afternoons savoring the breeze sipping on lemonade. But, shade trees also protect your house from the hot summer sun. And, even though deciduous, their branching helps to protect from the winter winds.

Homeowners moving into new construction have an advantage being able to landscape with a clean palette, though any homeowner can strategically plant one or two shade trees. Plant shade trees on the southern to southwestern location of the house going out about half of the expected mature height of the tree. Spacing out from the house allows plenty of area for the extensive root growth for these taller growing trees. Thought should be put into selecting the best shade tree for your landscape to prevent regrets years later.

“Planting Shade Trees is one of fall’s best yard projects,” notes Cheryl Jones, President of Greenwood Nursery. “While many tall growing trees work well for shade, based on fast growth and long life span, our customers favorite shade trees are Tulip Poplar, River Birch, Northern Red Oak, Ginkgo, Dawn Redwood, Bald Cypress, Red Sunset Maple and Thuja Green Giant.” Jones adds, “Once planted, most trees will be providing shade within the following 3 to 5 years.”

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