(Free Press Release) Innovative A-11 Offense in the A-11FL Will Advance Strategic Concepts of Pro Football and Modernize the Safety Rules to Improve Player Health

April 17, 2012 -- The Spring-summer A-11 Football League is working with City Groups to bring their cities an A-11 Pro Football Team that is owned by their local fan-base and private investors in the states of, TX, KS, OK, KY, CA, WA, NV, AZ, NM, NE, UT, GA, AR, NJ, NY, OH, VA, LA, CO & CT & FL by using an innovative equity-based crowd funding modern financing plan.

In addition to the fan-based Team ownership model on a League-wide basis, the A-11FL has taken the revolutionary step of maximizing player-safety by removing the use of the 3-point stance for offensive players on the Line of Scrimmage in most cases.

A-11FL President, Kurt Bryan explains, “In 2007, when the A-11 Offense made its debut, one of the major benefits of the A-11 was an immediate and drastic reduction of injuries to the players due to the super-spread nature of the A-11. Then in 2008, many high school football teams around the country began using various aspects of the A-11, and they began discovering and reporting very similar results, in terms of the A-11 greatly improving player safety by design. Therefore, it was either a nationwide coincidence that so many A-11 teams were witnessing dramatically improved player safety benefits, or it was the genesis of an excellent football truth.”

The A-11FL is built around the innovative A-11 Offense that eliminates the jersey-numbering requirement and features interchangeable dynamic athletes at every position. A-11 Football offers 16,632 post-snap variants of which players can receive the snap and advance with the football - as compared to 36 variants in basic pro football.

Bryan said, “In the A-11 Football League, offensive players will not be allowed to be in a 3-point stance when they are set on the line of scrimmage, unless it‘s a Fourth Down, and/or if the football is spotted between the ten-yard line and the goal line - either going in or coming out. The players are much bigger and stronger than they were seventy-five years ago, and the speed of the game is much faster and more spread out. When the offensive players on the line of scrimmage are set-up in an athletic two-point stance, it not only protects their head during practices and games much more efficiently, but they can also see more of the potential big hits coming more clearly, and can often redirect their opponent in better fashion altogether and stay healthy while doing it. These modern safety rules are timely and will extend player careers.”

Funding Launch Pad (Boulder, CO), will steer at least the League‘s first Top 10 teams‘ equity-based Crowd Funding campaigns for each Team to begin operations. During the next couple of weeks the League will work with City Group candidates until the initial Top 10 City Markets are chosen. Once the League‘s Top 10 city markets are set, each City Group and their fan base, the League and Funding Launch Pad will commence the marketing operations of the equity-based 'Crowd Funding' campaigns poised to begin in the summer of 2012.

Press Contact:
Kurt Bryan
President (A-11FL)
A-11 Football League
California, USA
[email protected]