22 January, 2014: A new Amazon eBook entitled “A Brief Travel History to Italy” provides travelers to Europe with both a quick read and quick reference while on vacation. Published on January 8, 2014, it is the first in a series of Travel Histories. It is the first in a series of eBooks that cover the history of a European country from the Old Stone Age to the Modern Era that can be read in two hours or less. The Information provided is organized by traditional historic periods with corresponding date ranges. This eBook can be purchased prior to travel and accessed during the trip via smart phone or eBook reader. Subheadings of each chapter can be easily accessed and read in five minutes or less, they provide more narrowed information on specific sites encountered by the traveler. 

Oftentimes travelers to Europe do not even have time to read a concise history of the country before their trip. Now, an alternative is available from Brief Travel Histories, which can be read in two hours or less in an e-book format, which makes it possible to read it on the flight to your destination. Other brief histories in production include the countries of England, France, Germany, Greece, Ireland, Portugal, Scotland, Spain, Switzerland, Turkey, Wales and others. Our goal is to develop a brief travel history for every country in Europe. 

These histories are organized so the traveler can use them as references while on location. It can be carried with the traveler in their smartphone or e-book reader. As an example, if you were visiting the Sistine Chapel in Rome and wanted to look up information on the Italian Renaissance, you could do so by clicking the appropriate chapter from the table of contents of the Brief Travel History of Italy. There is a subheading on the Renaissance in Rome that can be read in less than three minutes. Also, potential destinations that are mentioned in these histories are placed in bold for emphasis. 

Brief Travel Histories are histories of European countries that can be read by the traveler in two hours or less to put their trip into historic context. They can also be referenced on location in five minutes or less to clarify museum exhibits and historic sites that the traveler visits. 

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