30, October 2015: Today, with digitisation comes increased convenience, entire libraries of books can now be stored in one’s hand, on Smartphone or tablet, ready for retrieval at fingertips. Same goes for newspapers, many publishers are now shifting towards digital subscription as demand for news on devices is increasing.

Another category experiencing exponential growth is digital magazines. Multiple businesses and apps are now offering exclusive high quality magazines for downloads on today’s smart devices featuring high fidelity and crisp images, but a magazine provider will often have to depend on application developers to provide a seamless and a particular experience for their readers. Intricate coding is not necessarily required, if magazine publishers want more control over their experience, then Mobissue’s free magazine creator might provide the solution.

Mobissue is a digital magazine software developer for those that do not want third party developers and coders influencing the experience of using their magazines. Mobissue provides an easy and convenient free magazine creation solution through its service to give the magazine owner complete influence and control. For many, the idea could generally bring hesitation, and skepticism, but Mobissue has recently started page that helps magazine owners create digital magazines, with the use of mobissue’s solution (http://mobissue.com/getting-started.php), in three easy steps with illustrations and screenshots for better guidance.

Mobissue first asks the users to login using a Mobissue linked account, through the “Online” option. Once users are Signed in, they can click on “Import Images or PDF File”, “New Project”, “New From Template” and start creating or editing their magazine. Once the user decides on editing, they can click on a variety of options to bring their magazine to life. The final step involves publishing the magazine, either on local computer in any format desirable, this is a “Pro” option, while the user can also publish the magazine online by uploading it to the Mobissue cloud server. This option also allows online sharing.

Most users will still sense some intimidation thinking about creating and publishing their online magazine, but once they grasp the tools, their fear will dissipate, and a feeling of ease and convenience will most certainly take its place. With this free magazine creator and its easy three tier guide, many can expect magazine owners to start publishing their work online, and onto various platforms.

Learn more about free magazine creator from http://mobissue.com/.

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