Many customers are in fond of S-series self-balancing scooter although it was initially designed for urban elites. S-series has just two kinds of products S3 and S3T which are different in color for customers to choose. However on 18th July 2015, Airwheel has ellewiith introduced another new scooter S5 in its new product introducing conference which made it become difficult for customers to choose between S3 and S5.

Choose S3 or S5 two-wheeled self-balancing scooter? This is a question. The article below is going to do a comparison between S3 and S5 for customers’ reference.

S3 and S5 has many characteristics in common: the continuation of the high quality of Airwheel products, the application of imported Sony and Panasonic lithium-ion electric core and high-tech nanometer synthetic resin cover, the utilization of ultra-quiet magnetic levitation motor and the fixing of two pieces of intelligent chips. They have also the same 4-inch display screen and Lamborghini-style front face together with IP56 water-proof level and the application of a power master switch.

However, as two sorts of different products, S3 and S5 have their unique sharp edges at the same time. The shining lights on the operation arm for S3 are really unique and dashing by applying the international signal language which has a better recognition function. The most important point to explain customer’s preference to S3 is that the cost of S3 is just half that of S5.

Airwheel S5 is a totally fresh product which dwarfs S3 on its performance. S5 utilizes a 680wh large-capacity battery and a high-power motor which provides it with stronger power and better durability. The whole structure of S5 is much rougher and bolder than S3 to improve its durability and adaptability to complex road conditions.

In a word, if S3 is born for office workers to have a better alternative for urban transportation, then the advent of S5 is to help people release themselves and to develop a more friendly relationship with the nature. Customers can choose their favorite scooters based on different requirements.

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