Free converters continue to swamp the market and, the latest addition to the growing list of file converters is the new ACC to MP3 converter. This converter comes from a pedigree of converters which have outperformed on several occasions helping users get past the common myth that is associated with most free converters in the market.

The ACC to MP3 converter is free but, is unlike traditional free converters. It is high on quality and great on performance. Among the many salient features of this converter, one that seems to provide the biggest benefit is the fact that the converter works both ways. Most audio file converters provide only a one way conversion which more often than not becomes a hurdle to those users looking for quick and easy conversion techniques.

The free ACC to MP3 converter comes with the new hope of giving users new features that can make any conversion fast and efficient. Not even a month old, the converter is already a top favorite among critics although many still feel there is room for improvement. The converter is loaded with features which enable easy download and installation. The batch processing feature of the converter allows for quicker conversion.

These are features which are present in similar converters launched in the past but, none have come close to the kind of quality this free ACC to MP3 converter delivers. Considering it is free, easy to install and beefed up with many user friendly features makes this converter a good contender. The converter is available for free download and installation at . This link also provides system specifications and requirements on behalf of the user. Users can also use the link to give their respective feedback.

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