With stupendous developments in graphics and visualizations, Square Enix, a Japan-based company that develops and publishes creative video games, launched the fourteenth game in the series of Final Fantasy XI in four different languages; English, French, German and Japanese. It is a multi-player online game wherein players can create and customize different avatars from options like gender, facial features race and job type who eventually are the participants in the game. Being a marvellous high definition game, it requires a paid sign-up which is expertly managed by the Square Enix Account Management System. 

The plot of the game revolves around taking control over the peaceful kingdom of Eorzea and its plentiful resources of crystal. Players get an opportunity to explore Eorzea which is very rich in Aether, a magical substance. Uses of Aether are wide such as powering, fuelling, and aiding in crafting and permitting instant teleportation. 

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The Final Fantasy XIV is a marvellous game which involves a lot of adventure and mystery. The players involved would be left with no other option but to get addicted to the game to ambitiously conquer Eorzea. 

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