09, June 2016: As a full time traveler, Danilo D'Amato has not only shown his courage to travel across the world, but also inspiring and empowering other travelers with real time content, photos and other relevant details, available on his blog - thelifestylestudy.com. He updates his blog himself on a regular basis, every time he discovers something fascinating and interesting about a place. With a zeal and passion of discovering new places, Danilo’s travel blog could provide every traveler with valuable information to make their travel experience safe, joyful as well as exciting.

Danilo is already on his worldwide expedition and is currently in Venezia, Italy. The traveler around the world has Italy’s great cities tour in mind, with cities including Napoli, Abruzzo, Firenze, Perugia, Bologna, Venezia and Milano. One can check the route map for visiting the cities. Danilo also provides the complete details about reaching each of these destinations, the places of interests and the accommodation options, allowing any traveler to unearth exciting touring opportunities in these Italian cities.

The next week Danilo is going to start his usa coast to coast trip, and bloggers, readers, travelers and others can rest assured of finding the real time posts from the place. One will get important coast to coast information to help plan to visit usa and reach this beautiful place in the US. Danilo is not going to stop after visiting coast to coast, and he has plans to visit many other places in different countries in the globe.

Danilo is traveling around the world as a part of philanthropy, where he could share the real time information with others. Now, with his efforts and blog, one will be able to discover beautiful places in the world from the perspective of an actual traveler. He endeavors to fill the paucity of the real time travel content in the internet world and helps people discover lifestyle and the unique diversity that is intact in the world.

Anyone with a deep interest of traveling in the globe can get the information and help by visiting Danilo’s blog at http://www.thelifestylestudy.com .

About Danilo D'Amato

Danilo D'Amato is a full time traveler from Italy, who is on a worldwide expedition. In order to fulfill his dream to travel the world, he seeks donations from philanthropists. He also has created a travel blog and posts real time content for the benefit of travelers, bloggers and others.

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Person Name: Danilo D'Amato
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