As one of the UK’s busiest and largest freight exchanges, Haulage Exchange is in an enviable position to have a thorough knowledge of the best practices of the most successful haulage companies in the country. It is no wonder then that when it says that Global Positioning System (GPS) devices are indispensable not only in improving a haulage company’s ability to fulfil the obligations of its haulage contracts, but also in bringing in more business, everyone in the industry stops and listens.

GPS tracking devices are much more common today than they were even a decade ago. This surging popularity and usage has brought down the prices of such devices and in fact, common smartphones are integrated with a GPS capability that effectively does away with having to buy dedicated GPS devices.

The importance of these devices in the haulage industry, especially in aiding a company to stay faithful to the obligations stated in its haulage contracts, lies in the sheer efficiency of the on-road navigational direction it provides lorry drivers. At its most basic, a GPS device should be able to pinpoint the best possible route to reach a specific destination. Should one route prove not to be viable, the device must be able to quickly and efficiently recalculate the route and offer a good alternative. For haulage companies, a GPS device can be a godsend, as it enables lorry drivers to always deliver on time and avoid possible road bottlenecks. Add to this the fact that GPS technology does not discriminate whether it is day or night, whether there is cloud cover or not and it becomes even more useful. It will still work even if the vehicle is venturing into previously unknown territory.

Haulage Exchange explains that while there are different types of GPS tracking devices for haulage companies intent on fulfilling the terms of their haulage contracts, the best type of device is the Vehicle Navigation System that is fitted into all of the vehicles in a haulier’s fleet. As the leading independent freight exchange in the UK, Haulage Exchange has helped thousands of hauliers overcome even the toughest challenges on a daily basis.

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