China; 08, December 2014: For practicing Tai Chi or Kung Fu or any other martial art, one needs appropriate apparel that is durable, comfortable and ensure proper fitting. Now, the Tai Chi or Kung Fu clothing is available at discount prices as well, with the Black Friday sale announced by During the sale, one can get a discount of up to 50% and for each order over $100 one can get free shipping as well. 

The online store is ready for the Black Friday sale with a great range of Tai Chi clothing, available in a variety of designs for both men and women Tai Chi practitioners. The clothes are available in different colors and showcase a range of casual styles. They also have added new clothes that could be appropriate for the winter season. One can wear the clothes for practicing Tai Chi in the chilly winter mornings. The tai chi uniforms will allow a person to maintain the body warmth and he/she can keep practicing comfortably, despite frosty winter season outside. offers Traditional Lotus Pattern, Winter Spring Black, Linen Suit Black, Linen Suit for Women and other styles for people to enjoy Tai Chi or Kung Fu training in comfort and style. All these uniforms are made of high quality fabric and use of elastic makes clothes flexible and durable to keep practicing for hours to master the techniques of martial arts. Besides uniforms, one can also purchase a range of shoes that have been specially designed for martial arts enthusiasts. These shoes feature different styles that are appropriate for practicing Tai Chi, Kung Fu, Shaolin or other martial arts. 

The spokesperson of the store maintains that it’s an exclusive online platform for purchasing dress and accessories for martial arts trainees and practitioners. They also have tai chi swords, available in different Chinese traditional styles. These armors are also available at cheap prices and one can learn using them for the complete martial art training. All uniforms and armors are available for Black Friday discounts, and one can take advantage of the discount pricing by visiting the website 

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