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It is important to keep in mind that Remote Boss helps you efficiently deal with business and remote employee management problems and making sure all your goals are met with respect to business competence and task accomplishment. An important thing worth noting here is that the above-mentioned remote employee management software can record usage of active applications, i. e. applications on which your employee is currently working on. This ingenious and powerful feature is essential in managing teleworkers, as it includes measuring time spent on each application individually. It allows you to check who works really hard and who just slacks.

Furthermore, Remote Boss also registers keystrokes, enabling you to view results together with active applications usage. This is important as many computer jobs are about creating some text content, for example webmasters or software developers. The amount of text input is a measure of their productivity. Another thing worth noting here is that applications or websites can be approved or disapproved right from the start. For instance, MS Excel can be approved (employee is actually working) while Firefox disapproved. The above-mentioned remote managing teleworkers tool works in real time, thus you can receive all registered activity within seconds.

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