A group of active dermatologists have just launched their website about removing acne scars with a dermaroller treatment done on the face.

The decided to do a website about why women and men who want to get rid of acne scars fast should use a derma roller, because they were accused of charging too much for their services.

The 5 dermatologists who own the website, http://www.activedoctors.org/ , are probably the best ones from all New York state, and their fees start with $500 for just a consultation.

Their welth have passed a few million dollars and each one of them is considered as a very rich person, having their own million dollar house, having bank account over 3000000$. But they are all considered to be very good people. All of them are involved in donations, they all do charity work even though their cliniques are all worth over 5 million dollars each.

One day, one of the doctors was visited by a woman, 23 years of age. She has always had acne scars on her face. She was very beautiful, but because of her scars men have always considered her unnatractive and because of this reason she was always embarasseed.

So, when she read an add in the local newspaper about a new acne scar removal method, a service provided by Dr. Kim, she decided to go get a consultation. She had to pay  $500 just for the consultation, and than she was supposed to pay almost $3200 for the acne scar treatment, and she was promised that her face will be perfect after the treatment.

Because she has heard this for a few times already in her life, and she has payed over $25000 of face treatment who have never delivered the promised results she started to cry.

Dr. Kim who was 29 years old, was really moved by this, and he told th woman to try using a derma roller on her face for a few months, and to see the results. Also, somehow he felt really attractive by the woman, so he asked her out. After the first date, they realized that they had such a nice time together, so they continued seing each other.

At the same time, the 23 years old woman, continued using the dermaroller on her face in hope that this would lead in her acne scar being reduced. In er complete amazement, her scars were almost gone after just 3 months. They 2 were so much in love that they decioded to get married.

Because of all this list of events, Dr. Kim decided to contact 4 friends of him, all speciazed in acne scar removal, and decided to make a website about the advantages of using a derma roller on the face. He felt that the world was to good to him, and he wanted to show the peope dealing with acne scars that there also is a treatment for acne scars, which is cheap and effective and everybody can do it.

The other 4 friends acceped and they bought the domain activedoctors.org and have created the website.

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