Summer is the season of feeling good and throwing all kind of parties. While all women would like to show off with their perfect tanned bodies and trendy dresses, not all of them are that lucky. Now if you are looking for some cool party dresses, clothes boutiques online are your best friend. Just bear in mind the following issues!


One of the first questions to ask yourself is what code dress you need to follow. Depending on the location, you can afford to dress a little bit kinkier, with something that unveils much of your skin and sexy curves, or, on the contrary, require you some elegance through a maxi dress and bare shoulders.


Because you want to feel good about yourself and walk around without any trace of discomfort, the fabric of your attire is also essential. A dress can be trendy depending on design, cuts, imprints and length, yet the fabric gives you total freedom. Cotton and linen fit perfectly on the body and easily absorb the sweat. If you prefer more loosen cuts, you can focus on airy, vaporous fabrics as well.


You should consider the overall attire by your body shape, so go look at yourself in the mirror. Do you have a large bust, broad shoulders, a less defined waist, narrow hips but good-looking legs? It looks like you are having the apple form! Do not worry; Angelina Jolie and Elizabeth Hurley are two examples of great looking women with an apple shaped body!


If you have a small bust, narrow shoulders, a small waist, large hips and massive thighs, than you are pear shaped, just like Rihanna or Lily Allen! They look quite trendy even so, don’t they? Last but not least, if your bust and hips are relatively the same size, your shoulders are average, your waist is very thin and the legs are well curved, then you have the hourglass body shape. If you love Salma Hayek, you can love yourself even more!


Whenever you’re in doubt on what trendy dresses to wear, you can take a look at the famous celebs you resemble with and inspire yourself in terms of party dresses. Clothes boutiques online are ideal for you to surf hundreds of models within minutes and pick one that will look great on you.


As a final tip, do not ignore the way that your wardrobe’s colors match your skin tone! If you have fair skin, go for bright shades or neutrals, to set a contrast with your tone, yet stay away from yellow or white. For medium skin, elegance can be easily achieved through blacks, grays, browns or other neutral tones. Finally yet importantly, take advantage of pink, green, yellow and white for a dark skin!With all these in mind, you are free to explore online boutiques in the hunt of a catchy summer dress! You already have all the facts that will help you dress and feel like a diva.



For more information and inspiration on trendy dresses, consult clothes boutiques online and get yourself cool party dresses!