As we all agree that Los Angeles, with its fashionists and fashion houses, makes a real authority in terms of clothing trends, we are tempted to look for la dresses or at least dresses inspired from the LA fashion in any boutique. Online vintage clothing is even a bigger challenge in one of the world’s fashion capitals, considering that ideas from the recent or foreign past are constantly recycled and sent throughout the world as a model to follow.


If you are interested in any of these two, than you must consider how local tendencies and vintage features bind together in the City of Angels. You may never get to set your foot in LA, but it does not mean you are not allowed or you cannot dress and feel like an LA diva, a Hollywood actress, or any other fashion addict from there!


Back to our initial purpose, if you want to enrich your wardrobe with some classic, vintage items, determine at first whether you are into vintage, collection dresses or you prefer the mainstream part of vintage. More and more designers and fashion critics are talking about the tendency of generalizing retro clothes in an attempt of advertising products.


While the possibility to label brand new clothes as vintage despite the fact that they have little with the trend is real, people like you, who are passionate about oldies and goldies dresses, will know how to make a difference between real vintage, vintage inspiration and simple thrift clothes. As a response to those who advise you to buy vintage garments instead of brand new la dresses inspired articles from online vintage clothing stores, we have a question: why buy old clothes when we even have Chanel vintage?!


The fact that more and more designers and famous fashion houses opt for vintage prints, cuts and designs tells us that we can enjoy brand new quality clothes that go back to the beginnings of haut couture without having to dress at second hand. For your quest, you only need to have a good knowledge on the most representative fashion tendencies from the 1920s to the 1970s or 1980s so you can recognize the retro inspiration when you see it on a garment. Then you should make yourself a list with the online shops that seem most professional to you and start doing a close research on each of them.


You should be able to initiate a search inside the platform for vintage articles and see what clothes, shoes or jewelries you find. Look into fabrics, cuts, imprints and, also important, prices. Make sure you verify both the shipping and the return policies, so you will know how to act no matter the circumstance. Browse through la fashion magazines, online, or closely watch the events during LA fashion weeks from the past and take yourself notes. Whatever you see in there that pleases you, you should find it, in one form or another, in many other boutiques. You just need to know what to look for!



Are you still wondering how do online vintage clothing and la dresses inspiration models go hand in hand? Pay us a visit and you will see for yourself!