Shanghai - As an international metropolis, Shanghai has already become the China's city where has gathering the most huge number of workers from other countries. According to statistics from website which is the Shanghai real estate agency, all of expatriates employees of this city has already covered 214 different countries and regions and the number of foreign workers who are living in Shanghai has already reached to 112,200 households. This should be the huge number relate to the population of Shanghai.

It has been understood that the average living time of foreign workers in Shanghai should be 20 months. Among them, the average living time of people who are from Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan should be 18 months. The average living time of people from other countries should be 21 months. According to the survey from, most of foreign in Shanghai should be prefer to house renting. Frankly speaking, the majority of foreigners in Shanghai have said that the price of Shanghai apartment such as Apartments near Shanghai international schools is too expensive and they would purchase house after they back to their country.

The people from different countries have told that the price of house in their mother land should Lakeville Garden Shanghai be much cheaper than that in Shanghai. Even the international city such as London and Rome, the price of their house is cheaper than house in Shanghai. They could use equally money to buy a big house in their country but they could only buy small house in Shanghai. In that kind of situation, most of them prefer housing renting in Shanghai. They could rent some high level apartment such as Lakeville Garden Shanghai which would be good choice for them.

Many foreigners have also said that most of people in their countries are used to buy a house to live but a lot of Chinese people buy apartment for investment. In that kind of situation, the price of house has been pushed up prices especially the price in metropolis like Shanghai. A lot of people in Shanghai had already earned a lot of cashed by investing in real estate so prices would be higher and higher.

On the other hand, many foreigners have told the employee from professional Shanghai Center property agency that their country's government would give the appropriate help to people who cannot afford a house in their countries. In China, the helping from government is not very good. Many people living in Shanghai cannot afford housing price. Chinese government should increase its efforts to help them so as to maintain social stability.

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