01, October 2015: A British middle school has initiated a new course this year. It is the course of riding Fosjoas self-balancing unicycles. As a new course in physical education curriculum, this exercise includes varieties of physical knowledge and skills. Compared with traditional sports, it not only has the feature of individual performance, but also emphasizes on teamwork and cooperation. For students, this is a brand new course. They’re very interested in the new activity and take active part in it.


At first, users have to keep balance on Fosjoas intelligent unicycles while riding. So students should develop the strong physical dexterity and athletic ability when they are practicing riding the self-balancing unicycles. Meanwhile, it is good for coordinating body nerve and muscle systems, and exercising response ability. This kind of new exercise can promote students’ development of cerebellum. Hence, some education experts say that riding Fosjoas unicycles may improve both teenagers’ physical health and intelligence. What’s more, while students are practicing riding Fosjoas one-wheeled scooters, they have to focus on it because of the one-wheeled structure. Once they don’t give their mind to cycling, they may probably fall down from the scooter. This will improve their learning efficiency.

Secondly, riding Fosjoas electric unicycles has varieties of skills, such as riding with one foot, riding and holding hands with others, slow riding, riding backward and so on. When the new exercise is combined with other sports, some new sports have appeared. For example, students can play basketball on Fosjoas unicycles. They can also play other games with Fosjoas self-balancing scooters.


Last but not least, practice has proved that height of student would be obviously growing since they started riding Fosjoas unicycles. It also has a good effect on correction of kyphosis and myopia. Therefore, Fosjoas single-wheeled scooters are becoming more and more popular among students.

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