Getting hurt is often seen as just a part of life. Even children are encouraged to endure their scrapes and bruises. However, there is a difference between simple cuts and scratches and serious injury caused by negligence on someone else's part. With the large amount of industry that calls Woodstock home, there are many situations where residents may find themselves getting hurt. Workplace injuries can and do happen in spite of the Ontario WSIB's best efforts. If an injury occurs at work, it's possible that the company may be civilly liable. When worker's compensation is being withheld or individuals are facing sanction for their injury, a personal injury suit is the best recourse.

Very soon the city of Woodstock will have a brand new way to access justice under Canada's personal injury liability laws. A forward thinking firm focused on justice and equality under the law for all clients will be opening its trial practice soon. The firm will serve both the city of Woodstock and the immediate surrounding around. Losing wages and suffering a loss of employment due to an injury caused by employer negligence isn't something anyone should have to deal with. That's why the law exists for their benefit.

The firm is a new endeavor put together by several experienced partners from veteran law firms, looking to bring a new brand of personal injury lawyer Woodstock. The firm seeks to provide individual counsel that examines each case on the individual facts, not on what might yield the largest return for the firm. Clients need not pay out a single cent unless their claims are settled in or out of court for monetary compensation. With many residents unable to afford the kind of legal aid they deserve, the firm is looking to be a catalyst for rapid change and growth in the area.

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