Singapore, January 20, 2014 There are people who always love and care for their homes, families, children and pets. For them, Singapore based company, DEWAV Holdings Pte. Ltd is now introducing a high-tech smart home care solution that can offer a complete peace of mind to the homeowners. The new solution called Frigga offers a complete protection to one’s home, allowing the homeowners to remain connected with their homes in a 24/7 environment. 

It’s a new concept and the developers associated with Frigga Singapore believe that this simple and intelligent solution will redefine the ways people used to care for their homes and families. They show how a simple handheld gadget such as iPhones, iPads, Android devices and others can be transformed into a high-tech and futuristic home care solution. Using a handheld device, one can keep an eye on the home from any remote location. So, whether someone is working in an office or travelling in a train, he/she will never remain away from home, virtually. 

Frigga is a high-tech green environmental protection brand from Singapore, and they come up with products and solutions that can be very useful for the modern consumers. This new solution has been designed specifically for the modern busy people who have little time to devote to the family and the home. Now, people can easily keep supervision of their homes and children, and the solution is easy to operate. The solution is eco-friendly and effectively helps people to keep a watch on their homes. 

DEWAV is often considered as a Family Care Expert that discovers cutting-edge solutions for the benefit of the mankind. This solution not only offers a protection to the home and the children, but it also helps people track the growth of their children at home. One can see their children, can talk with them and can even capture snaps to keep the memories alive. In the real sense, it is going to establish its own niche in the family and home care segment. One can learn more about this green, eco-friendly and high-tech home care solution by visiting the website . 

About DEWAV (Singapore) Holdings Pte. Ltd: 

DEWAV (Singapore) Holdings Pte. Ltd was founded in Singapore in 2008. The company focuses on research and development of family care products. They have now introduced a high-tech, green and futuristic family care product called, Frigga. 

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