(Free Press Release) Making the most of your digital images, old family photographs that you have stored away and any other pictures you have kept a hold of over the years, Pixum.de is one of the largest specialist experts who have set the boundaries for many similar companies in the online photo development industry. One of the key products developed by Pixum is the award winning Fotobuch (the PhotoBook equivalent across Germany), which is a revolutionary approach to creating the perfect album incorporating images chosen by you, the customer.

Having the ability to create a personalised Fotobuch has appealed to millions of customers from many different locations across Europe, especially across Germany, where the Fotobuch opens the possibilities to allowing members of the general public to create professional looking photo albums without paying the high costs that would otherwise be charged by professional photographers.

Evolving as one of the leading experts in the field of photo development technology, Pixum and their unique approach to providing exceptional services, combined with huge changes in the improvements in methods and technology have enabled such professional products and solutions become readily available at affordable prices. The Photo Book is now available to the masses, offering high quality results at very competitive prices. Offering a range of different photo development products and services such as the Photo Book, there is so much that can now be achieved using one of the accomplished and well established experts available online.

The Photo Book process explained:

Making the perfect gift to celebrate any occasion or to take pride of place in your own home, the PhotoBook has quickly become an easy way to create a special place for your digital photos. Using dedicated software that costs nothing to download to your home or studio PC, this experience will truly enlighten you and provide excellent results, showing you a whole new way of producing treasured keepsakes filled with precious memories.

Having the ability to transform your digital photos into stunning, professionally bound books makes this product a simple and easy way to create the individual album to celebrate any occasion. Within the software downloaded to your PC, there are certain features included, such as an editing suite that allows you to crop, rotate and fine tune your images, simply and easily and a series of templates where you can choose the style of your EasyBook photo album and any personal touches you wish to add to further individualise your final choice.

Once completed, the finished template is simply submitted to the professionals who apply their expert techniques to produce your exclusively designed and quality checked photo album that can be delivered to your home or office in only a few days. Using only the best quality photo paper, inks and equipment, together with high quality professional binding and finishing touches, you can obtain an expensive looking product for an affordable price.