An Australia-based insurance firm has added a new fleet product set to greatly benefit UK haulage companies such as Haulage Exchange. Alongside the coverage already implemented by the existing scheme, new features set to help the UK haulage market include 24 hour spillage response and coverage to aid environmental cleanup. 

The specialist schemes insurance broking firm has provided cover for drivers and companies involved with tankers and hazardous haulage for over 20 years, with a scheme covering risks related to both business and safety for UK hauliers. The new scheme is set to add additional benefits for UK hauliers, such as coverage to fleets carrying hazardous and non-hazardous materials. 

The risks faced by UK hauliers transporting hazardous materials can make the haulage market extremely dangerous, in the event of spillages of corrosive of flammable materials. Besides being damaging to the businesses transporting the materials, accidents can also present a hazard to the environment. Because these risks can affect all aspects of the haulage market, the new scheme has been designed to cover a range of different risks, a scheme which is now being improved upon further in order to meet all individual needs. The company claims that the requirements of this new product have been culled from feedback provided by both clients and brokers, which established that the needs of UK hauliers who operate in the middle ground between non-hazardous and hazardous fleet markets had to be catered to. While it may seem that some insurers may be losing focus in the haulage market, the benefits of this new insurance scheme prove that commitments to UK hauliers from insurance brokers couldn’t be stronger. 

The new fleet insurance product is now being released to the UK haulage market and looks set to provide greatly improved coverage to UK hauliers such as Haulage Exchange. 

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