A relationship driven by an ulterior motive always leads to misery

~Emotional Atyachaar narrates a heart-wrenching story of a girl who was betrayed and exploited for selfish reasons ~


Emotional Atyachaar, Season 4 completes one year with this episode and continues to awaken the youth of today by narrating real life incidents faced by people. This week, the show once again prepares everyone to save themselves from falling into the pit of betrayal. Kanika, daughter of a famous political figure narrates her story about how she was cheated and betrayed by her boyfriend.


Kanika met Himanshu at a coaching class and the two instantly hit it off. Both of them were completely alike and soon their friendship blossomed into a full-fledged relationship. Kanika and Himanshu together had plenty of fun because he made her do things she had never imagined. She started doing things that were morally not correct in order to gain her mother’s attention. Kanika’s mother started worrying and was very disturbed when she found out about her wrongdoings. Himanshu would coerce Kanika into doing things which would have got her into trouble, but she never realized his motive until one day, when she felt something was fishy. In order to get to know the truth, she followed him around only to discover his true colours.


Kanika eventually found out how Himanshu lead her into doing illegal things with the purpose of destroying her reputation.She was shattered and on confronting him, she lost control and became violent which got her in trouble. For that moment, Himanshu thought his plan was successful but soon the tables turned putting him behind the bars.


Why did Himanshu want to destroy Kanika’s reputation? How did Kanika get into trouble? Was she able to her revenge?


To find out, tune into ‘Emotional Atyachaar 4’, this Saturday, 25thJanuary 2014, at 7pm only on bindass!


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