With the rapid development of China's national economy and people's continuous change of wearing attitude, people's pursuit of fashion footsteps has gone faster than ever which is why newlyweds have higher expectations and demands on wedding dress. Along with the higher demand in China wedding dress market and annual rising garment consumption, the production and sale of wedding dress has been acting as the focus of many enterprises.

Statistics from National Bureau of Civil Affairs show that 12,500,000 Chinese marriages registered in 2010, which broke the 10m mark in the last three years. Incomplete statistics show that nearly 90% of newlyweds are willing to spend 15% of the entire wedding budget purchasing wedding dress or borrowing wedding dress to have wedding pictures taken.

In most China cities, wedding dresses in wedding photo studio are almost saturated. Improvements could only be seen in refinement and integration which means there would be little space for this market. But there would be great potential development for the market of wedding dress individual consumption because it has just begun.
With the development of wedding dress industry, newlyweds have higher requirements on sanitary and personalization of the wedding dress. Purchasing wedding dress is merging as a hot favorite in China. As a result, wedding dress consumption has soared.

Regarding geographic distribution of China wedding dress industry, manufacturing enterprises with sound business performance and reasonable scale are mainly in Chaozhao, Zhongshan, Shenzhen, Guangzhou of GuangDong province, Suzhou of JiangSu province, Xiamen and Quanzhou of FuJian province. In 2013, China marriages are expected to rise and maintain rapid growth, thereby driving the growth of wedding dress industry. Wedding dress enterprises should establish brand awareness and enhance market competiveness.

Due to the low cost and price as well as high quality, China wedding dresses not only fulfill domestic needs but also enjoy great popularity in America and Europe. As a result, China wedding dress B2B shopping mall is emerging rapidly and becomes very popular, breaking from the old B2B tradition. And Abbydress is one of the successful wedding dress online shops. It specializes in production and sale and the price is surprisingly cheap!

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