If you have ever looked at the various GPS systems that are available, Garmin products, specifically the 1450LMT GPS system, should have caught your eye. Most of the users of this particular model have really enjoyed it, though some have complained about a few minor details. The following is a rundown of what's good and not so good about the Garmin 1450LMT to make it easier for you to make an informed choice.

Although this particular GPS unit is not for everyone, the Garmin 1450LMT has great features that most will appreciate. If price is a difficulty with you and your budget, more affordable models with fewer features can be purchased. If you desperately need a GPS unit, and you do not mind being without many of the great features, $100 will serve you well. It depends on what you're looking for, and you may not really want all those features to begin with.

However, if you are looking for a completely full-featured GPS unit that can do essentially everything, the Garmin 1450LMT is a great device to purchase. It all depends on where you live, where you travel, and if you really need advanced features such as text to speech while driving.

Another great feature about the Garmin 1450LMT is that the GPS actually has a 5 inch touchscreen. Cruising to your destination has never been easier, or more convenient, because of the size of the touchscreen which allows you to glance at it without any problem. GPS units are much more tolerable when you're able to see the screen because it is large enough to see from a distance. If you're searching for something in particular in a city, whether it's a street, business or subway station, you can bring up data on the touchscreen that will show you the easiest way to get there.

This GPS has the ability to take an address, verify your location, and then present a digital map representation of those two locations. What you see on the screen is often covered by the bubble of info that the GPS unit will show you in regard to where you want to go. This doesn't happen all the time, but when it does it can be a little confusing. You can, of course, change the display so that this info bubble disappears, but it's still a minor glitch that could use improving.

Traveling across the country will be a breeze using the Garmin 1450LMT which is a very user-friendly GPS unit. Do you want to find a GPS unit that has lifetime updates? The Garmin 1450LMT is the perfect choice along with text-to-speech. Before you buy another GPS unit, take a look at the Garmin 1450LMT GPS system today.

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